Simple Tips To Look After Your Dental Braces


When you approach your dentist for braces, he or she will give you certain guidelines on how to take care of your teeth once the braces have been set. It is important for you to understand the basic fact that braces need to be taken care of and looked after properly so that you get perfect teeth and the dazzling smile you have always longed for.

The importance of good oral health care when you have braces

It is very important for you to know the proper procedure on how you can take care of your braces. You should ensure that you visit a good dentist and understand the steps well so that you face no hassles when it comes to the care of your braces. Dr. Kami Hoss in the USA is the CEO of Super Dentists a leading clinic in the nation. He says that when you are taking care of your braces ensure you follow the following tips-

  1. Brush daily – You know that you need to brush daily twice. However, since you are wearing braces they are thin wires that are attached to your teeth. When you eat your food you will often find small particles of food getting stuck in your braces. It is here that you should brush your teeth regularly to ensure that they do not remain in your mouth and start decay. There is a special brush known as an interdental brush and with this brush you can take out the food particles that get stuck in the teeth.
  2. Flossing your teeth and do not leave out your braces too – Yes, post brushing it is important for you to floss your teeth and your braces. Dentists advise people to floss at least once in a day in order to remove the stuck food particles from their mouth. Now, if you have braces, flossing becomes mandatory for you. However, even with braces if you find flossing to be tough you may visit your dentist and ask him or her for a water pik or super floss.
  3. Mouthwash- After you have brushed your teeth with a good interdental brush and flossed, the next step is to rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash. Mostly dentists will recommend the ideal mouthwash for you and post brushing and flossing, it is crucial for you to ensure that you always use this mouthwash to get rid of bacteria and other germs in the mouth. This is the ideal step to prevent tooth decay. Your brush and regular flossing will not be able to reach certain places and it is here that mouthwash will give you the bonus says Dr. Kami Hoss.Your breath will be smelling fresh.

The above are the basic steps that you should take into account when you have braces. You must ensure that you visit a good dentist and understand the above steps with success. Once you start a healthy oral routine, you will find that you not only get a dazzling smile but shiny teeth and super fresh breath!


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