Keep your outdoors clean, organized and free of pests by getting solutions at Grainger


Insect control

Tired of those annoying mosquitoes, bees and other flying insects in your yard? Take action and get rid of mosquitoes for once and all with a Raid Wasp & Hornet in aerosol from For a dry fog solution BLACK FLAG DEET-Free. Or if you prefer an insect repellant opt for  CUTTER Backyard Bug Control.

Also consider the ultimate pest control solution to keep flying insects away and opt for  FLOWTRON 11″ x 11″ x 17-3/4″ Residential Insect Killer from Discover your new shield against all types of flying insects. Now just sit, relax and see no more mosquitoes.

Bird control

Forget about having too many pigeons and birds resting in your garden door and opt for a BIRD-X Visual Bird Repellers For Bird Control from Simply place on a flat surface close to where the sun sets. When birds and pigeons see the visual bird they will fly back away and won’t come again.

Prevent birds from feeding on your plants and get BIRD-X Bird Repellent from All you need to do is spray in the desired area to protect your plants.

Rat control

Get rid of those mice you saw roaming in your garden with JT EATON Mouse Trap, PK4 from Set and place near your garden door and you’ve solved the problem. This also works for trapping insects.

Or take control and try a granule formula and opt for WEISER’S NATURE’S DEFENSE Mouse and Rat Repellent from

Keep raccoons away

Get the raccoons away and stop them from chewing on  your plants and eating your favorite seasonal tomatoes. Head to and get WEISER’S NATURE’S DEFENSE Animal Repellent.It is very easy to apply just shake into area desired to treat.

Organize hose

Keep your hose in good shape and ready for all your uses and opt for YARD BUTLER Wall Mount Hose Hanger from Easy to install, can hold up to 100 feet of hose and it won’t rust. You can count on a durable and quality product.

Watering solutions

Don’t use your hose to water your lawn and garden instead opt for RAIN BIRD Brass Impact Sprinkler Head, 1/2″ MNPT Connection from It offers superior water flow that won’t splash to other places.

Clean looking lawn

Keep trash and leaves off your lawn and get WESTWARD Lawn Rake,Steel,54 In,24 Tines from High quality rake with a strong handle and flexible tines, you can rake with confidence.

Treating delicate plants appropriately

Water your African violet with care and get RAIN BIRD Mister Spray, U.V. Resistant Plastic, For Use With Drip Irrigation Systems, 1 EA from It will provide a light mist of water to keep your African violet looking great. This product has an adjustable mister for potted or hanging plants.

Let help you keep our outdoors looking clean, organized and free of critters.

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