death spells that work overnight


Death spells belong to the family of black magic spells. Yes, it’s true that we should not pray for the death of anybody but what if a person is getting on your nerves- to such an unethical extent that he is making your life unbearable- then it’s better to get rid of him. In this case, the spell would make your enemy extremely sick so that he eventually dies magic spells.

A good death spell is where you summon Lord Lucifer to strike death on somebody. It should be practiced in the coldest and darkest night. To do this death spell, you would need salt, black candle, white chalk and red thread. Sprinkle salt in zigzag manner. Take the chalk & draw out Lucifer along lines of salt. Then, place your black candle right across from your drawing & light up the candle. Now, start spinning thread around the flames till it touches the fire. As it does that, start the death spell chant. It’s to note here that this is a very serious spell and so please don’t use it just like that

There is another death spell which is done with the help of Voodoo doll. To make the doll, you would need wax, cloth and clay. You don’t need to a great artist- just create something which somehow resembles a human figure. It would resemble your enemy whom you wish to die. You have to constantly visualize the person as you keep on making your doll. The spell must be cast on Saturday waning moon night. The other ingredients needed to do the spell are a sharp object, graveyard dirt and some of the personal item of your enemy Magic spells.

Tuck the personal item firmly into your doll. Sprinkle the dust on it. Then, bring on all the hate you have for the person and stab right onto the doll firmly- all the while visualizing a sharp stab on the person in real life. It would feel like as if you have actually killed that person. You have to be at your hateful best here to make the magic work. After you are done, you must bury that doll somewhere near that person’s office or home.

Then, there are black magic death spells that work overnight. To do such a spell, you would need your blood and victim’s blood, needles, black soil and jar. Pour your blood in empty jar & cover half of it with soil. Now, take your target’s blood, pour it on soil & start the chant. The chant would be a prayer to the blood to destroy your enemy now. Then, place needles on target blood & more are the needles, better would be the power of your curse. If you want only punishment, plant no more than 9 needles- one more and he would die.

You also have black magic death spells that would enable you to pray for a safe peaceful demise of a dear one. At times life gets impossibly painful and in such situations death is only solace.

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