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A Brief Introduction to the Process of Brewing Japanese Tea


Whether you’re a hectically busy working woman or a demanding housewife; now you can make the whole process of preparing tea a relaxing daily activity for you by bringing home the most sought for Japanese tea. Apart from home segments, millions of small to corporate offices make use of high grade tea comes from Japan’s extraordinary tea gardens not only because of its mind stimulating attribute and taste, but for their effortless brewing process that minimize processing time. Japanese tea means simply boiling water, brewing the tea, pouring into cups and serving. It needs no inclusion of sugar cube, milk or ginger to make it tasty.

While the above details boast the richness and spirit of Japan’s tea, their smoothness demands knowledge and attention at the time of preparing them. For example, the amount of tea to be used to prepare a cup of tea, or how to maintain the right water temperature; the infusion timing before putting in into vessel, everything add significantly to its final taste result.

If it’s incorrectly done, you can never get the magnificence of Japanese tea, a special soft corner of world people and must-have beverage in the morning. Therefore, please have a look to the following general guidelines which can help you prepare a great cup of Japanese tea in a hassle-free way.

Hillel Krauss is a great lover of Japanese tea enjoys and obtains the fantastic health benefits of it on everyday basis. He has vast knowledge in preparing this tea, and also suggests you to include Japanese tea in your daily life. He strongly believes that apart from gaining its healthy results, tea collected from Japanese tea gardens are extremely helping to boost one’s immune system and thus, enables individuals stay away from different health complexities including the deadly ones.

General Guidelines

  • Use fresh cold water, put into a kettle for boiling;
  • After boiling the water in recommended temperature, remove heat.
  • Now pour the hot water into a ceramic teapot as well as into the tea cups. With this, the cups will gain the temperature and afterward, water temperature will remain further consistent.
  • Include the proper quantity of tea leaves into the pot considering the number of heads;
  • Wait for a few minutes. Allow water to come to the right level of temperature, pour into the cups and serve.


Depending on the type and quality of Japanese tea you use at home, quality of tea required per cup or temperature of boiling or other brewing rules typically vary. Therefore, it is always the best choice to read the guidelines mentioned on the packet of the tea.

Use cold and purified water free from pollutants. Avoid using distilled water since they are found after elimination of minerals and that can hamper the taste of Japanese tea. Also, do not use pre-heated water. Typically, even though most people overlook the issue, but quality of water, its taste, healthy mineral presence also influence the flavor of tea. Hillel Krauss enjoys buying varieties of Japanese tea and take pleasure from their distinct zest, savor and health benefits.


death spells that work overnight


Death spells belong to the family of black magic spells. Yes, it’s true that we should not pray for the death of anybody but what if a person is getting on your nerves- to such an unethical extent that he is making your life unbearable- then it’s better to get rid of him. In this case, the spell would make your enemy extremely sick so that he eventually dies magic spells.

A good death spell is where you summon Lord Lucifer to strike death on somebody. It should be practiced in the coldest and darkest night. To do this death spell, you would need salt, black candle, white chalk and red thread. Sprinkle salt in zigzag manner. Take the chalk & draw out Lucifer along lines of salt. Then, place your black candle right across from your drawing & light up the candle. Now, start spinning thread around the flames till it touches the fire. As it does that, start the death spell chant. It’s to note here that this is a very serious spell and so please don’t use it just like that

There is another death spell which is done with the help of Voodoo doll. To make the doll, you would need wax, cloth and clay. You don’t need to a great artist- just create something which somehow resembles a human figure. It would resemble your enemy whom you wish to die. You have to constantly visualize the person as you keep on making your doll. The spell must be cast on Saturday waning moon night. The other ingredients needed to do the spell are a sharp object, graveyard dirt and some of the personal item of your enemy Magic spells.

Tuck the personal item firmly into your doll. Sprinkle the dust on it. Then, bring on all the hate you have for the person and stab right onto the doll firmly- all the while visualizing a sharp stab on the person in real life. It would feel like as if you have actually killed that person. You have to be at your hateful best here to make the magic work. After you are done, you must bury that doll somewhere near that person’s office or home.

Then, there are black magic death spells that work overnight. To do such a spell, you would need your blood and victim’s blood, needles, black soil and jar. Pour your blood in empty jar & cover half of it with soil. Now, take your target’s blood, pour it on soil & start the chant. The chant would be a prayer to the blood to destroy your enemy now. Then, place needles on target blood & more are the needles, better would be the power of your curse. If you want only punishment, plant no more than 9 needles- one more and he would die.

You also have black magic death spells that would enable you to pray for a safe peaceful demise of a dear one. At times life gets impossibly painful and in such situations death is only solace.

Do you have that nice list of shoes everyone is talking about?


What comes to your mind when you think of foot wares? Massive brands, excessive styling, unmatched quality and latest fashion but this all comes with a big price tag.  Purchasing shoes is a very hectic task, give all the latest verities and brands available in the market.  Which one to choose and what to wear for special occasions is another big deal. Of course this issue can be understood by those who really undertake the hard work of finding a good pair of shoes.

nice list for shoes

Making that nice list of shoes!

So what can be done to minimize the stress when you go out to shop for shoes? Here is one simple thing that you can undertake to solve all your problems for buying shoes. Next time you step out to shop carry a pre made nice list of shoes.  Yes you heard it right; make a list of shoes according to preference level and then you will see the benefit in shopping.   Now what should be your preference rating? Well that definitely depends upon your choices and budget but a rough list of preferences in making a nice list for shoes can be as under:

  • Determine your purpose for buying shoes, like party, casual, work or sports.
  • Now accordingly rate the heel height and heel type( this point is important for ladies)
  • Color and design is one thing you should plan before hand; at least give yourself a window of four to five options in this area.
  • If your are brand conscious then enlist five brands from high to low preference for making your list
  • Budget is important but keep it flexible like between 20 to 50 USD to get yourself some room on the list
  • If you have some fixed shopping destination then rank them before stepping out.

Although this list of shoe preferences can vary but in essence it should contain these many details. There is another thing that you can take care of before you shop for shoes. Search for your kind of shoes online and shortlist them with their rates. You can carry this rate list in the market to check out where you can get your kind of shoes at reasonable price.

Merits of carrying nice list of shoes with you

Well some will argue about the merits of carrying such list of shoes before you go out to shop while others may deny their existence at all, but the truth is, it is indeed beneficial, and who can tell it better than the admirer of shoes. Following are few merits of carrying a list of nice shoes:

  • You have your mind sorted out on what to prefer while buying shoes
  • You focus on brands you like most according to your rating and choice
  • Your budget is always attained
  • You buy value for money shoes
  • You never end up on the loosing side with both fashion and comfort

So you see a nice list of shoes is indeed important to make your day worth it!